Visit to Ziauddin Hospital

A visit to ZIAUDDIN HOSPITAL was arranged for the students of Grade XII of Ziauddin Intermediate college on 16-12-2019 A batch of 80  students along with a faculty member had visited the hospital. The visit started at 09.00 am from College. We boarded the college bus to reach to Hospital. At the reception, we were welcomed by the team members of hospital. A group of 15 students was made and then a visit to the different departments of the hospital like ICU, ICCU, IN-Patient Pharmacy, canteen, pathology lab, operation theaters, emergency services etc. was arranged. A detailed explanation regarding each department was given during the visit. This was followed by a detailed presentation about the role of hospital pharmacy in hospital, drug distribution systems, inventory management and medication errors.Overall, the visit was very informative and enjoyable. We came to know regarding the role of Hospital in the overall health management

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