Ziauddin Schools and Colleges are private educational institutes providing resource-rich, high-impact education under the auspices of the Ziauddin Education System, a project of Dr. Ziauddin Hospital and Ziauddin University. Ziauddin Schools and Colleges are the realisation of the dream of Dr. Sir Ziauddin Ahmad to widen opportunities for education.

The overarching idea is to provide a pathway for students from school to university which is defined by quality teaching and excellent resources, beginning in Early Years Education since we understand that the strongest foundation leads to the greatest successes.

At Ziauddin Schools and Colleges we care about the difference we make in each individual student’s life. The Ziauddin Education System is not just focused on academics since we also place a great deal of value in each student’s holistic development by building students’ personal values and inculcating the desire to be socially responsible. Students of Ziauddin Schools and Colleges are good citizens as well as good students.

We ensure that our schools and colleges have access to top of the line facilities which are embedded as an essential component of our teaching. We provide laboratories, libraries are ‘knowledge centres’ and fully equipped computer labs to enhance students’ digital literacy.

Our ultimate goal with Ziauddin Schools and Colleges is to enable the next generation of students as high-performing individuals who are critical thinkers, empathetic, disciplined, and ambitious. In this way we are building a knowledgeable next generation that will be able to make an impact in their community, an impact on society, and an impact on the world.

We believe our students can change the world.