Ziauddin School and College Student Profile

Joining the Ziauddin Education System is not just about sitting in classrooms and taking exams. Students do that everywhere. Joining Ziauddin is a unique opportunity because we also care about the difference we make to our students lives.

In recognition of this, we have a ‘student profile’ which describes the attributes and qualities of students who study with us.

Ziauddin students are Disciplined

A Ziauddin student aspires to be excellent and so follows the study schedule and obeys our institutional rules.

Ziauddin students are Civil

A Ziauddin student builds and maintains cordial relationships with everyone, and so gaining from the positive friendships and support that such positive relationships bring.

Ziauddin students ask Questions

A Ziauddin student is never afraid to ask questions, because that student knows this is an attribute that separates an excellent student from an average student.

Ziauddin students are Respectful

We ensure all of our students have a strong sense of respect for themselves and others, for the institution, for their community and for the nation.

Ziauddin students take Responsibility

A responsible student is a top performer. A Ziauddin student never blames others for their mistakes or offers excuses for their actions. A Ziauddin student is of good character.

Ziauddin students are Well-rounded

A Ziauddin students takes part in extra-curricular and co-curricular activities because these help to build character and provide a richer experience of learning.

Ziauddin students are Hard Working

A Ziauddin student has the ability to put all of their energy into their studies, by reading more widely and researching online and through texts to gain a broader understanding of topics.

Ziauddin students are Self Confidence

Self-confidence is a major success factor for all Ziauddin students.

Ziauddin students have Positive Attitudes

A Ziauddin student has a positive attitude that helps to maintain top results despite mistakes, and a positive attitude is the driving force for hard work.

Ziauddin students are Good Listeners

A Ziauddin student is attentive in the classroom and pays attention to what parents say.

Ziauddin students are Critical Thinkers

A Ziauddin student has the ability to think quickly and problem-solve. This enables the Ziauddin student to help others.

Ziauddin students have Good Manners

A Ziauddin students follows rules and regulations and so has a higher chance of showing their full learning potential.

Ziauddin students are Well-Organised

Being an accomplished organiser is a quality that distinguishes a Ziauddin student from others. They organise their study time and so have a head start over others.

Ziauddin students are Ambitious

Ziauddin students never fail because they possess the ambition to keep trying until they achieve the level of excellence they have envisioned for themselves.