About Sir Dr. Ziauddin Ahmad

Sir Dr. Ziauddin Ahmad was an eminent educationist, scholar and visionary of the Sub-continent. He was born in 1873 in Meerut, India. At the age of 12, he passed high school with 1st Division and received Lang medal along with a government scholarship at M.A.O. Collegiate Aligarh. In 1895 he secured 1st position in BA and received Coveted Shachey Gold Medal at M.A.O. College Aligarh. After completion of BA in Mathematics, Sir Dr. Ziauddin Ahmad was appointed as an assistant lecturer in M.A.O. College. He attained MA Degree from Calcutta University while securing 1st position and in 1901 he obtained his DSc degree in mathematics from Allahabad University. For further, studies he enrolled himself in Trinity College at Cambridge University. In 1904 he accomplished his goal and achieved Sir Isaac Newton scholarship. He was the first Indian to receive this honor. Later, in 1906 his thirst for knowledge took him to Gottingen University, Germany, where he completed his PhD in Mathematics.
Sir Dr. Ziauddin Ahmad served the Muslims of the subcontinent, by raising the educational standards of the Muslims and by promoting literacy amongst the Muslim community. He also worked as an Assistant Secretary of Sir Syed Memorial Fund established for the purpose of founding a Muslim University. He was inspired by Sir Syed Ahmad Khan’s approach towards modern education. After the demise of Sir Syed Ahmad Khan, Sir Dr. Ziauddin played a leading role in the revitalization of Muslim education in the subcontinent, where he enlightened the Muslims of India with his liberal thoughts on the educational system. No single individual after Sir Syed did more in the cause of Muslim education than Sir Dr. Ziauddin Ahmad. He was appointed as Pro Vice-Chancellor of Aligarh Muslim University, and later as a Vice-Chancellor, in 1935.
Sir Dr. Ziauddin Ahmad died in London on December 23, 1947, and he was buried beside Sir Syed Ahmad Khan in the Aligarh Muslim University mosque premise, thus fulfilling the pledge he made to Sir Syed Ahmad Khan to serve Aligarh for his entire life.