Computer Hubs

Our computer labs are called ‘Computer Hubs’ because we see them as a focal point for all subjects. We use our computer hubs not only for linking technology to the traditional curriculum subjects, but also as an important means for developing students’ digital literacy.

Because all of our sites are Wifi-enabled and we are able to provide tablets to students or promote the educational use of smartphones in our lessons, we have fixed computer hubs as well as mobile computer labs. So, whilst there is a bespoke place for computers in each facility, effectively every classroom is a computer lab.

Our computer hubs serve as centres for teaching computer use to whole classes (that is, developing digital literacy skills),and are used by subject teachers who use the hubs with their classes for research or for creating technology-based projects.

Our computer labs follow the traditional ‘U’ shape configuration so that our teachers can easily monitor student activity, and we provide central tables to provide space for offline work.

Our aim is to develop our computer hubs as technology-rich environments, having projectors, smart boards, scanners, printers and a variety of peripherals like digital cameras and camcorders that can be used in computer lessons and more widely through the school across curriculum subjects.