International Dimension

We aim to internationalise our work in schools and colleges by embedding opportunities for students to develop ‘global competences’ as part of their learning. We have done this because we see our students both as future citizens and leaders, and therefore they need to be ready to analyse and understand local, global and intercultural issues.

Our students have the knowledge and skills to explore and understand the world. We work with students in ways that encourage them to be interested in learning more about the world, people and cultures, thus they are always striving to develop their awareness of how the world works. This makes our students curious about the world and the connections that exist between people and nations.

Our students have the knowledge and skills to see the world from different viewpoints. We are always working with students to get them to question their individual perspective on the world, and to strive to understand the perspectives of others, especially where these differ from their own.

Our students have the knowledge and skills to communicate ideas across cultures and countries. Our lessons are highly interactive and participatory, ensuring that our students develop their ability to communicate effectively with others from different social and economic backgrounds, from different cultures and from different countries.

Our students have the knowledge and skills to make action sustainable. We want our students to make a difference in the world. For this, as they study with us, we want them to develop the confidence and competence to continually learn about the world, and to problem-solve and collaborate with others.

Our Framework of International Competences support our teachers to incorporate these dimensions into their lessons.