The Ziauddin Excellence Framework is intended to support our pursuit of excellence by providing a clear description of fourteen key elements of high quality practice across three domains of education: learning, teaching and leading.

Each year we assess our practices against the elements within the framework to inform our development plans and annual reporting.

To evaluate ourselves using this framework, for each of the 14 elements, we prescribe three levels of attainment:

  1. We are developing our approaches and activities towards being outstanding
  2. We are achieving our commitment to being outstanding
  3. We are excelling in all its approaches and activities

Domain 1: Meaningful Learning

We need to satisfy parents that we are providing the very best education to their children. For ZSC, this translates as being dedicated to inspiring and challenging our learners. By ensuring meaningful learning is happening, we aim for our learners to find the joy in continued, independent learning, building their abilities as learners, and becoming knowledgeable as individuals, so that they are able to contribute to their world and are also able to live productive and satisfying lives.

Domain 2: Quality Teaching

To ensure meaningful learning, we must provide high quality teaching. In ZSC, we prescribe high quality teaching as distinguished by high levels of professionalism and commitment from our teachers. For this, we ensure lessons are engaging and the content and approaches to teaching are relevant, challenging and focused. To ensure quality teaching, teachers evaluate the effectiveness of their practices.

Domain 3: Leading for Excellence

Excellence in education relies on strategic and effective educational leadership. In ZSC we expect that our Principals support high expectations of learning and teaching in all subjects. To realise this, the effective leader needs to support teachers as they engage with learners in ways that maximise their learning. Leaders in ZSC ensure that operational issues, such as resource allocations, serve the over-arching strategic development of the organisation. Ziauddin Principals are exemplars of ethical leadership who support self-improving education to support the highest levels of learning for our students.