At Ziauddin School and College we prepare students to be active citizens, internationally-minded individuals and reliable leaders.

Our co-curricular activities reflect this ambition. All of our co-curricular activities are connected to the achievement of the following four learning goals:

Co-curricular Learning Goal 1  –  Citizenship: Responsibility to the Community

Through their co-curricular experience at Ziauddin, students:

  • Will use their developing knowledge, skills and understandings to benefit others (Active Engagement)
  • Will learn to accept personal accountability for the impact of their actions and decisions on others (Constructive Relationships)
  • Will build trust in communities and support the development of others by sharing what they know and giving their time (Stewardship)

Co-Curricular Learning Goal 2  –  Integrity: Personal Values and Actions

Through their co-curricular experience at Ziauddin, students:

  • Will become more aware of personal values and beliefs (Self-awareness)
  • Will learn the importance of upholding the highest principles of honesty and integrity in all actions (Personal Integrity)
  • Will be able to foster mutual respect within and beyond the classroom (Respect for Others)
  • Will advocate for right values, belief and actions (Advocacy)

Co-Curricular Learning Goal 3  –  Inclusiveness

Through their co-curricular experience at Ziauddin, students:

  • Will understand how personal, social and institutional factors influence assumptions, prejudices and privileges (Personal Reflection)
  • Will engage in opportunities for interaction and communication with those who differ from them in beliefs, values and from different socio-economic backgrounds (Relationship Building)
  • Will build strong interpersonal connections with those who are different from themselves (Equity)
  • Will develop an awareness of social justice issues (Social Awareness and Action)

Co-Curricular Learning Goal 4  –  Emotional Intelligence: Building Relationships

Through their co-curricular experience at Ziauddin, students:

  • Will better understand their own needs, personal limitations, talents, and interests and how these affect others (Self-Awareness)
  • Will engage in thoughtful reflection (e.g. suspend judgment, think before acting etc.) (Self-Regulation)
  • Will pursue identified goals with energy and passion for the sake of personal fulfillment (Self-Motivation)
  • Will understand and accept the emotions of others and use their understanding to develop shared understandings and purposes (Empathy)
  • Will build rapport by managing relationships and building social networks (Social Competence)