The Ziauddin Education System puts a great emphasis on science education and our science laboratories are the place where our students develop skills for inquiry and research, and where they are involved in hands-on, practical experimentation and investigations. We design our labs so they are places of curiosity, stimulation and wonder.

Our institutions are all furnished with well-equipped laboratories for all the science disciplines and are designed as versatile classrooms. They not only support students as they move from explorations in general science to experiments and investigations in the separate disciplines of biology, chemistry and physics, but support our STEM strategy.

These purpose-built facilities are equipped with:

  • Plumbing and water supply
  • Ventilation, air conditioning and fume control
  • Appropriate furniture
  • Lighting, projection and blackout requirements
  • Good acoustics
  • Safety flooring and other finishes
  • Power points
  • Teaching wall
  • Storage

STEM (integrated science, technology, engineering, maths) Learning.

STEM-related employment is a growing sector around the world and we see this as a great opportunity for students of ZES. Consequently, our STEM strategy is holistic and embedded across the curriculum, promoting hands-on engagement and involving students through real-life learning. Through students’ lab work, we incorporate STEM as a process of integrating topics being learned so that students become more aware of their future opportunities whilst being engaged in ‘real world’ learning. Our laboratories help students develop a STEM knowledge-base and also important ‘soft skills’ such as problem-solving, team-work and creativity. Through our laboratories we are building a ‘maker mentality’ in our students.