Educational Starting Points

In Ziauddin Senior Montessori we ensure that our students are ready for their primary classes by blending some basic elements of the Edexcel iPrimary curriculum with the Early Years Senior Montessori curriculum. These elements are carefully selected to ensure that students are not faced with a large jump in learning as they progress into Grade 1 classes. At this point there is a focus on extracting the elements relating to two of the four development areas of the younger child:

  1. language development
  2. preliminary numeracy development

In the area of language development, our teachers define objectives associated with these elements in terms of vocabulary and language comprehension. In this way, we are working on extending vocabulary and language comprehension of our students. In the area of functional numeracy development, our students are learning simple calculations and numerical operations as well as getting a head start in mental maths.

It is through this approach that we provide the maximum support for our students as they progress through their education, which focuses on a clear learning pathway that takes each student from Reception in Ziauddin school through to PhD in Ziauddin University.