Technology Integration

We believe that everyone leaving school or college will require a strong education in digital and media technologies in order to be aligned with workforce competencies and to be successful in highly competitive economies. This is true regardless of their intended careers or life expectations.

To realise our ambitions for our students in this regard, we have integrated technology in all of our classrooms and throughout our institutions to enhance the learning outcomes of the students. Moreover, we will continue to increase technology usage in all of our teaching in an effort to drive innovation in our work.

We are doing this because we see that technology-integrated instruction can transform the traditional classroom in ways that motivate students, and promote higher levels of engagement and achievement. Our level of technology integration is supported by our teachers who are educated in innovative and creative methods of teaching which enable our students’ independence and enlarges their world of learning.

Our classrooms are enabled with:

A touch-enabled projection system, which is a combination of a physical whiteboard and an interactive whiteboard, making any surface interactive in our educational environments.

We use a range of softwares across all grade levels, from Reception to Grade 12, for students to learn independently and develop their digital literacy skills.

Our students have access to tablets in their lessons, bringing learning alive with online and video content and enabling our teachers to personalise learning.

We have a recording studio where teachers make videos and record lessons for high-quality remote learning. Our online lessons are rich with media resources and ICT materials.