Ziauddin School is an accredited Edexcel school which means that our students are studying the Edexcel iPrimary (International Primary) and iLowerSecondary (International Lower Secondary) curriculums. These are comprehensive, thematic curriculums focused around creative learning, with specific learning goals for every subject and having a focus on students’ developing international mindedness, cross-cultural sensitivities and promoting greater personal learning.

These curriculums enable us to be flexible and adaptable with how we teach, ensuring that students’ interests are accommodated and lessons can be tailored to individual levels of understanding. They are focused around subject-mastery, personal/cognitive development of students and they support our International Dimension that we aim to bring to the school. These curriculums also integrate easily with the Pakistan National Curriculum.

With the Lower Secondary programme we are aligned with international standards of learning and recognising achievement that prepares students for progression onto higher level international qualifications.

International Benchmarking

By knowing our students’ starting points and understanding their learning needs, we ensure the best opportunities for their success. Therefore, ongoing/continuous assessment and progress testing underpins all of our lower secondary provision.

Also, we prepare students for their external assessment which provides a certificated qualification that is internationally benchmarked against students around the world.