Ziauddin Schools and Colleges aim to achieve excellence through robust and systematic procedures for ensuring quality in its teaching provision.

In this light, ZSC has formal procedures and documentation which correspond directly to the UK’s Code of Practice for the Assurance of Academic Quality and Standards in Education.

The Code of Practice, which identifies an extensive suite of Standards which are a benchmark of quality provision.

The aim of the Ziauddin Schools and Colleges in applying these standards to its policies and procedures is to demonstrate its commitment to achieving the highest standards of teaching provision in Pakistan.

We realise that there are certain cultural sensitivities which mean the interpretation of the Standards may vary from contemporaneous interpretation in the UK, but nonetheless, they represent acceptance of the need to set and achieve recognisable standards of quality.

The process of self-inspection relies on the excellence framework and procedural standards in order to produce an annual Self Assessment Report. This is a culmination of the annual self assessment process for each school and college which aims to reflect on ZSC’s achievement of the Standards.

The Purpose of this Guidance

The Ziauddin Schools and Colleges annual inspection provides an independent, external evaluation of the effectiveness of ZSC in promoting the achievement standards, personal development and well-being of its learners, the quality of its provision and how well it is led and managed. It is also designed to help ZSC to improve the quality of the education provided and so raise standards for teaching.

This guidance is designed to assist the Ziauddin Schools and Colleges inspectors in their work by indicating the main principles, stages and approaches in the inspection of ZSC, following the same principles and guidelines that inspectors are expected to adhere to in the UK for inspection of schools and colleges.