Fee Structure for the Academic Session 2021-2022

S.No Group Admission Fees Monthly Fees
I. Pre Medical 10,000 9000
II. Pre Engineering 10,000 9000
III Computer Sciences 10,000 9000
IV. Medical Technology 6000 6000
VI. Commerce Group 6000 6000
VII. Humanities Group 6000 6000


Scholarships Criteria:  ZIC honors students with outstanding academic achievement by awarding merit-based scholarships.

These scholarships are based on the student’s last-achieved grade (before joining ZIC). Up to 25% of      fee-reduction is granted to high-achieving applicants.


Position Holder 25% (1 to 5 Positions in any boards)

25% Discount                                                                                                           25% Discount

Pre Medical Fee Rs.6750                                                                                       Medical Technology Fee Rs.4500

Pre Engineering Fee Rs.6750                                                                              Commerce Group Fee Rs.4500

Computer Science Fee Rs.6750                                                                           Humanities Group Fee Rs.4500

Pre-Nursing Fee Rs.4500


Grade A-1            10%

Note: Need base 10% minimum grade A


10% Discount                                                                                                           10% Discount

Pre Medical Fee Rs.8100                                                                                     Medical Technology Fee Rs.5400

Pre Engineering Fee Rs.8100                                                                            Commerce Group Fee Rs.5400

Computer Science Fee Rs.8100                                                                         Humanities Group Fee Rs.5400

Pre-Nursing Fee Rs.5400


Enhancement every year in Monthly fee. Students will pay total 22 months fee during two years.


DZ group / ZU employee Children: Special fee consideration is given to children of ZU group employees.

For salary less than 50,000/month                                                            for salary more than 50,000 up to 1Lac

Admission Fees Rs. 5000 /                                                                             Admission Fees Rs.5000/

Monthly Fees 70% Discount                                                                          Monthly Fees 50% Discount

Pre-Medical Fee: Rs.2700                                                                               Pre-Medical Fee: Rs.4000


Pre-Engineering Fee: Rs.2700                                                                       Pre-Engineering Fee: Rs.4000


Computer Science Fee: Rs.2700                                                                    Computer Science Fee: Rs.4000


Medical Technology: Rs.1800                                                                        Medical Technology: Rs.2500


Commerce Group: Rs.1800                                                                             Commerce Group: Rs.2500


Humanities Group: Rs.1800                                                                            Humanities Group: Rs.2500


Pre-Nursing Fee: Rs.1800                                                                                Pre-Nursing Fee: Rs.2500