Message from the Principal

Ziauddin’s educational philosophy strongly believes that each child will accomplish their individual best. Learning involves developing key traits such as self-motivation, mindfulness, and discipline. Our students work autonomously and cooperatively, developing a healthy sense of competition amongst themselves.

We have recently added the Cambridge IGCSE qualification to our curriculum, designed to advance learners’ skills while developing knowledge. This programme will help students to develop deep subject knowledge, conceptual understanding and higher-order thinking skills. Consequently helping students progress in higher education and gain employment or plan their businesses.

We all know parents are the strongest power in molding our children’s future. They must be on the same page when deciding what is best for their children. To ensure this, we have regular training sessions that support our children to thrive. Their consistent support empowers us to do more. We hope for their faith in us.

I look forward to working with our team, parents, and students as we continue on our journey to establish the education of choice in this region.

We love to see you soon on the journey to success!

Humera Jawwad