Promotion of Students Policy


Promotion of students is based on a systematic assessment and review of individual student needs and abilities. Student assessment is made on a continuing basis, utilising as wide a range of benchmarks and indicators as possible.

However, academic achievement is not the only criterion by which a judgement about a student’s promotion is made. We Ziauddin Schools and Colleges we also consider the social, emotional and physical development of our students, and whether growth in these areas will sufficiently support a student to tackle the challenges of higher levels of learning.

General Guidelines

The following guidelines are to be used for deciding whether the student is recommended for promotion or not:

  1. For students in Year 7+, an achievement grade of 4 or above is considered a pass. A student is considered as not having passed a subject when they have achieved a grade 3 or below. A student achieving a majority of pass grades will be promoted.
  2. Where a student has not achieved at least two pass grades out of the five core subjects (i.e. minimum grade 4 in English, Urdu, Social Studies, Mathematics and Science), and therefore will not have gained the minimum standard of learning overall, it is strongly recommended that the student not be promoted.
  3. Where the student has failed a subject then they may be precluded from enrolling in that subject at the next year level until they successfully pass the subject at that grade level.
  4. The school will offer students the most appropriate subject choices based on each student’s demonstrated ability and future interests.
  5. The student and parent must be informed about the student’s achievement during the year.
  6. If it is recommended that the student not be promoted, the final decision will be based on the student’s final term results.
  7. Decisions made recommending a student repeat a year, must involve discussions between the student, parent, teachers and the Principal.
  8. A student repeating, or being promoted on probation, will have their progress monitored and reported just after the first mid-term exam. Based on the student’s progress, a review report will be made by the Principal to the student’s parent recommending that the student be promoted, or not, to the next term.

All evidence, not merely the statistical part, is considered when making a decision on promotion or non-promotion of an individual student and, if in doubt, the person should be promoted. The general well- being and education of students is the prime concern.

In considering whether a student will be promoted, or not, it is necessary to decide whether the student has achieved the required standards necessary for study of that subject, or subjects, at the next level.

Parental Involvement

The Principal, in consultation with teachers, is responsible for advising parents of the placement of their children. Such advice is based on decisions made in the interests of children, consistent with the ability of the school to provide flexibility of subject coverage and timetabling.

While parents cannot be seen as having an absolute right to decide on such matters as promotion and curriculum, they may request that they:

  • be informed of decisions that affect them and their children
  • have an opportunity to be heard on these matters and that any points raised by them are fully considered and taken into account in the Principal’s determination on the matter. This process should be documented.

Grade-wise Promotion Decisions

The aim of this policy is not to send students away from the school if they are not able to achieve the grades expected of ZES students, but rather to support them in solving their academic issues.

However, the school/college will ask students to leave if it becomes evident that they no longer benefit from what the school/college offers and/or their behaviour is hindering other students’ learning.

ZES uses the following promotion criteria when assessing a student’s ability to move into a higher class:

From Grades 1 to 5:

A student’s promotion to the next class will come into question if the following conditions apply:

  • There is a grade 2 or below for English Language
  • There are two 2 grades, or three 3 grades (or a combination of these) in any combination of subjects

NOTE: Those students achieving grades 2 or 3 will be asked to study over the summer break and re-sit their end-of-year exams at the beginning of August and must gain passing grades before being allowed to commence the new academic year). There will be a fee associated with this. Also, the student’s work record must show an intention to study.

Promotion issues are discussed prior to the end of year parent-teacher meeting (PTM). Crucial to this discussion will be the discussion of the student’s potential for improvement and their discipline record. If serious weaknesses persist, the Grade 3 year of study is the best opportunity for a student to leave the School and continue with his/her education at another school.

Attendance of less than 80% (this is the minimum requirement) will bring the student’s promotion into question.

From Grade 5 to 6:

Minimum equivalent grades of A* to C (grades 9 – 4) are required which must   include English Language and Mathematics. Obtaining a grade D (grade 3) or   lower will require the permission of the Principal for a student to continue.

The end of the Grade 5 academic year is another opportunity for students with serious academic weaknesses and/or behavioural problems to leave the School and continue their education elsewhere.

From Grade 6 to 7, 7 to 8:

For a student to be promoted to Grade 7 or Grade 8 they must achieve a Grade C in at least three of the subjects studied. This is the minimum academic requirement for promotion. Students with lower grades will be required to repeat the study at that grade level and must attain a pass before being promoted.

Students failing to achieve these requirements will be asked to repeat the year or leave the School.

Promotion to School Sixth Form (for A Levels) or College

Admission to the Sixth Form of Ziauddin Schools is dependent upon satisfactory results at Edexcel (I)GCSE. Promotion to College study is dependent upon satisfactory results in Matric exams in all subjects taken.

The minimum requirement for entry to the Sixth Form is SIX passes (grades A* to C or grade 9 to 4) at (I)GCSE in subjects taken in the School. The minimum requirement for progression to college is minimum passes in all subjects.

Students will need the Principal’s permission to be admitted without an Edexcel (I)GCSE (grades A* to C or grade 9 to 4) in both English Language and Mathematics.

We expect all students admitted to the Sixth Form in school to pursue a minimum programme of FOUR A/AS level courses with Edexcel. Students will normally only be allowed to embark upon an A/AS Level course if a pass at     Grade C (grade 4) or better has been obtained in that subject at (I)GCSE.

Students with fewer than five (I)GCSE passes (grades A* to C or grade 9 to 4) will not under any circumstances be promoted to the Ziauddin Schools Sixth Form.

When establishing the number of (I)GCSE passes of a student, the following rule should be noted:

  1. Non-school subjects (such as Accounting) or those studied outside Ziauddin Education will not be accepted

Students who do not achieve the minimum entry requirements for the Sixth Form, or for the A/AS courses they wish to pursue, must either repeat the Grade 5 year or leave the school.

Further to the academic requirements outlined above issues of attendance, attitude and conduct will also be taken into account when promoting a student. Based on the school’s/ college’s records, a student may be asked to leave the school/college for unsatisfactory attendance (less than the minimum of 80%)    attitude and / or conduct despite him/her achieving the minimum academic requirements for promotion.

Maintaining Position in Sixth Form

In order to enter the 7th Form, a student must secure GRADE C OR BETTER AT A/AS LEVEL IN A MINIMUM OF THREE SUBJECTS TO BE TAKEN IN YEAR 7.

In exceptional circumstances, students with grades D or below will need to be provided with additional tuition in order to support their   continuance in school. Continuance will be conditional upon the Principal’s discretion in such exceptional circumstances. Normally, students need a minimum Grade C for progressing into the 7th Form (pre-exam year).

NOTE: The Principal may need to charge for tuition to students who are scoring below a Grade C.

In the event of a student failing to obtain a passing grade in a subject in which her/his MOCK RESULT AND PREDICTED GRADE WERE C OR HIGHER, it will be at the Principal’s discretion to allow the student to undertake the A level course and retake the A/AS exams if necessary.

Issuance of a Leaving Certificate

Students and their parents should be aware that a Leaving Certificate will only be issued if the graduating student has passed with six (I)GCSEs with    grades A* to C (grades 9 to 4), A/AS Levels in subjects taken at the School or pass grades in subjects in college classes. In the event that a student does not achieve these minimum requirements they   will be issued with a Certificate of Attendance showing the qualifications they have gained and the year of graduation.

In the event of any dispute as to entitlement, the decision of the Principal shall be final.

Together with the academic criteria for all years there is also an attendance criterion in order to qualify for the Leaving Certificate.