Shahina Nazir

20 Oct 2020

My name is Shahina Nazir, and I am a former student of Dr Ziauddin Intermediate College.
I was born and brought up in Africa, mainly in Uganda and Mozambique. I did my O`levels from Aga Khan High school, Kampala, Uganda.
When I moved to Pakistan it was very difficult for me to adjust because I did not know how to read and write in Urdu. The only languages I learnt in Africa were English, Portuguese and French. I was really worried that I would not be accepted in any college because of my language issue but I was lucky enough to have found a college where my weakness was not a problem.
My elder sister came across Ziauddin Intermediate college`s website and she suggested me to give it a try in this college. I discussed my queries regarding the language issue with Ma’am Naheed and she told me that this will be taken care of. I was so relieved after having talked to Ma’am.
And that is how my journey began as a student of Ziauddin Intermediate college.
I participated in so many events; cultural shows, Independence Day celebrations, science fair, student council elections and many more.
The most memorable event for me was the student council elections where by the grace of Allah, I was able to secure enough votes to become Deputy Head Girl of the year.
The teachers at Ziauddin were so supportive and they always encouraged me to do better in both studies and extra-curricular activities. I truly appreciate the efforts of Ma’am Naheed and Miss shahpara for taking out time from their very busy schedule just to teach me Urdu. And now after 2 years, I can proudly say that I can speak, read and write Urdu. In addition, Sir Tauseef has also been my biggest support system during my stay at the college. He not only taught us the bookish knowledge, but also prepared us to face the challenges of the world that awaits us ahead in life.
As I look back to my journey, I realize that Ziauddin college has made me so confident and strong that I feel prepared to face any obstacle that comes my way.
Finally, I would like to conclude with my favorite quote: “Your education is a dress rehearsal for a life that is yours to lead.” -Nora Ephron.

Thank you Ziauddin, for making me a better version of myself!