Areeba Zafar

21 Sep 2023

I am AREEBA ZAFAR, alumni of Ziauddin Intermediate College and currently, I’m studying at Ziauddin University (Program: BSSE).

There’s a great learning opportunity in Ziauddin College. It gives me great to say with pride that I have completed my intermediate in “Engineering”. The Ziauddin College aims at enhancing our knowledge, skills, and abilities. The relationship between faculties and students is very supportive and friendly. The faculty members worked so hard on our overall development and extra classes for us to enhance our technical and interpersonal skills. Our college regular classes to improve our aptitude and technical skills were extremely helpful. The years spent here have been brimming with learning opportunities that were full of fun and frolic. Ziauddin College has always believed in helping and guiding its students, and it was no different during the corona season. My two years at Ziauddin College had been excellent and a magnificent memory that was a totally remarkable period in my life. I loved my time here at Ziauddin College, and I really love Unity and everything that they stand for!

I want to say special thanks to my teacher.

Thanks a lot