Summaiya Shoaib

21 Sep 2023

First and foremost, I’d say that this college has all the characteristics that a person can look into the best educational institution. the academics, the teachers, the environment everything is just exquisite.

Ziauddin intermediate college gave me the opportunity to find my inner strength and build-up my confidence. These past two years taught me a lot whether it’s related to academics or life skills. Not only did my teachers helped me secure top scores in my studies by cultivating a superb academic environment but they also helped me to achieve self-actualization.

Moreover, our college also hold co-curricular activities like quiz competitions, debate competitions, organizing exhibitions and various other to help students develop their inner talents. For me participating and winning in these competitions, becoming the head girl and president of bio-verse society and going to Lahore along with my friends and teachers to participate in the 17th YLES, held in LUMS are great treasures which I will hold on to forever and they are solely because of this great college. No words can express or describe the gratitude I feel for this college. I can truthfully say that this whole college experience has shaped me an into person I had never imagined to become.