Message from the Principal

I am delighted to represent Ziauddin School and College which offers a modern and stimulating learning environment in which all of our learners can develop and grow, supported by a dedicated and professional team of excellent teachers and lecturers. Our students discover a world of opportunities to extend their knowledge and skills and develop a life-long thirst for learning.

Our dedicated approach to teaching is seeing real benefits for our students’ learning. We have professional educators who work closely with our students to encourage the development of their curiosity, nurture their creativity and harness their imagination.

ZSC is also striving hard to inculcate strong values through our extra-curricular activities and our values framework – leading through innovation, pursuing excellence, growing by learning, and global citizenship. Our aim is to help every individual student, whether at school or college, become a self-reliant and independent citizen.

We are also working closely with our parents. We have regular training sessions to ensure our partnership provides the essential support for our children to thrive. We all know that parents are the strongest power in moulding the future of children. Their consistent support of our efforts empowers us to do more and more. I pray gratitude to them for their faith in us. Together we will unlock the power of education.

I am thrilled to be working with ZSC and consider myself a ‘whole-school’ educator. I therefore know how important it is to get the foundations of education right, whilst fully understanding the hopes and aspirations of students and families for life and study beyond our school and college. It is a privilege to have been appointed Principal of ZSC and I am confident that ZSC will become stronger day by day.

I look forward to working with our parents and students as we continue on our journey to establish the education of choice in this region.